Clair Bois

Clair Bois

Founded in 1975, the Clair Bois Foundation is the biggest private institution for poly-handicapped individuals in the canton of Geneva.

At Clair Bois, children are given not only standard education tailored to their specific needs, but also physical and psychological treatment.  In addition, they are supported for leisure and integration activities during weekends and holiday times.

The Clair Bois school organizes many events which allow the children to experience activities that they couldn’t otherwise take part in. For example, so far this year, the children have participated in the Geneva Marathon and in a mountain trek in the Alps.  For these activities they ride in special wheelchairs carried by volunteers that allow people with restricted mobility to reach remote environments such as forests or mountains, which are generally unavailable for a traditional wheelchair.

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Clair BoisClair Bois