Païdos, active since 1996, helps children and teenagers in distress to be integrated back into society, while also raising awareness for social issues.

The NGO has been working for the last 15 years with children and adolescents facing various difficulties which result in school drop-outs and running away from families.  They offer a range of services based on therapeutical and educational approaches that allow the youth to redefine their identity, their role within the family, the school system and society.

In addition, Païdos advocates for preventive and curative actions against exclusion of these members of soceity,  through research in favor of a better analysis and understanding of issues related to children and adolescents.

Overall from 2001 to 2011 Païdos sustains a reintegration success rate of 86%, healing more than 300 teenagers in those 10 years.

The Geneva Charity Ball was pleased to contribute a donation of 5000 CHF to Paidos this year.

insert image: Paidos 1, with caption “German, Geneva Charity Ball co-chairperson, and the Paidos leadership team met earlier this year to discuss plans for our on-going partnership.”

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